Adobe Photoshop Mix

Blend two photos together, to spectacular result



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Adobe Photoshop Mix is an a photo-editing app that, among many other things, lets you put two photos together to create one spectacular image. It does this with the trustworthy seal of approval from Adobe, which ensures a clean and accessible interface and some truly outstanding features.

The way Adobe Photoshop Mix works is pretty simple. You'll need two photos: one of a background and another to superimpose on top. You use your fingertip to select what parts of the superimposed image you want to keep, so that the rest disappears once both pictures are put together.

Although the most interesting thing about Adobe Photoshop Mix is the fusion of two pictures, you'll also find many other features. For example, you can apply dozens of filters to your pictures and also adjust the levels of exposure, brightness, or contrast.

Adobe Photoshop Mix is another outstanding photo-editing app from the hands of Adobe. To use it you'll need an Adobe account, but it's definitely worthwhile to create one (for free) anyway to enjoy the excellent features that this app offers.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher

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